Hi, I’m Joost!

I’m a technology designer, facilitator, and business owner, but above all

I’m a problem solver

Technology Design

the act of using design to blend technology into society.[1]

As Technology Designer, I use a wide range of skills from fields such as Human Experience Design (UX), Visual Design, and Prototyping. I like diverse challenges because they push me to adapt what I know and learn that which I don’t.

The world needs some serious design to solve big problems, but having fun while working on a better world is almost as important. I guess that’s a great way to describe me. A guy who gets serious when needed, but doesn’t take himself or the world too seriously.

I’m skilled in

Facilitating Workshops & Design Sprints

Lightning Decision Jam

How often are you in a meeting that is supposed to be constructive, but keeps turning into an endless discussion?

LDJs are perfect for workshops and for quickly turning endless discussions into problem-solving, solution finding sessions.

Design Sprint 2.0

Design Sprint 2.0 is the newest, most effective way for quickly solving big challenges, creating new products or improving existing ones. It potentially shortens months of work into just 4 days.

Read more about Design Sprints here.

I’m skilled in

Human Experience Design & Research


Usability research for the UI of a compass-like interface for the smart home. Included an interview with 5 users who tested a physical- and digital prototype. Insights from these interviews resulted in a user interface with better affordances and a clearer communication system.

To see it in action, see this video.

Photos below show the usability test with the first prototype that led to the second prototype and its refined UI.

Project Ara

How would people upgrade a modular smartphone? For how long would they use the same ‘skeleton’? Usability testing answered some of those questions.

Interviewees were guided to connect the wooden prototype to their current smartphone. They were then asked to show how they would upgrade their phone over time and how they would adapt it for certain use-cases.

Photos show how the test used a wooden prototype and how users would upgrade and adapt their smartphones.


The development of Vire was done in cooperation with 25 users from the target group. Using a chat-feature in Vire, users sent us feedback, bug reports, and feature requests. New features were added over a period of 6 months during which the continuous feedback loop with users turned out very valuable.

The photos below show the three iterations of UI updates.

I’m skilled in


Pivot (Hardware prototyping)

Pivot was a project that combined a new type of user interface with a new type of physical interaction. To show and test these new interactions, I built a physical, functional prototype. Pivot has a functional compass, touch interface, display, and wireless connection.

To see it in action, see this video.

The photos show the 3D model that was used to piece all the prototyping hardware into a hand-sized body, the electronics that sat inside and how its top surface worked with capacitive touch.

Flashbang for Airsoft

In Airsoft, a simulation sport, you sometimes have to go into an area where you know your opponents are. Combine that with total darkness and you’ll see how a multi-use flashing device becomes handy.

Throw this bad boy into a dark room, and you’ll have a short and effective disco party.

Photos show the development process of the flashbang and how it functions.

Vire (Software prototyping)

Vire is a cross-platform application. It runs on iOS and Android and was built with React Native. The six-month development effort was a two-man operation, during which I worked with the test users to design and code the user interface.

The ability to develop together with 25 users allowed me to code the UI in such a way that it runs on small, old, and slow phones, and big, new, fast phones.

I’m skilled in

Visual Design

Purpose Design

Visual style and stationery design for Purpose Design.

Shots of Purpose

Visual style for the Shots of Purpose Podcast


Designs for the user interface, research posters, banners, and wallpapers for Vire, a healthcare app.

I’m skilled in

Making things happen

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