Hi! My name is Joost I am a creator. Of thoughts, designs, videos and anything that is needed to challenge what we take for granted, to move forward and put technology to use for people, by people.

Image: Functional prototype of Pivot

I am a Technology Designer

I love technology and design for their ability to turn imagination into reality and make the impossible possible. Technology Design offers us products to appreciate technology for its ability to create new possibilities, make life more enjoyable and change the things we can achieve.

Technology is only half the equation though. Technology Design means that we put effort into how the user experiences a product and that we ensure that the user is able to take full advantage of its intended functionalities.

Image: Generative tool to find valuable phone upgrades.

Who defines what's valuable?

So, who defines what’s valuable to the user? There is a shift going on in product design. Ever growing connectedness changes the way we design products. The customer is changing from consumer to value creator.

However, technology design often uses technology that is far from widespread adoption. Therefor, the intended user, or value creator, should be assisted in envisioning the future use of such concepts. I believe generative tools allow us to do just that.

These tools help infuse the design process with the wishes and values of the prospected user. By doing so, we enable ourselves to create compelling and valuable products with and for the customer.

Image: Clients and teams I've worked with

Together we'll get further, faster

Aiding me in the design process are my fellow creators. To push innovation, teamwork is key. Innovation is going faster than ever. It provides so many new possibilities to make combinations with, it’s impossible to see all the options on your own. I believe very much that a combination of great, creative minds will lead to innovations that push our imagination and further our development of society.

I love to work in teams because together we share different perspectives and know so much more than alone. We are all individuals with our own interests and skills so we can use each other’s strengths and inspire each other to do great things.

Image: Visualization of Omni 2 Wi-Fi hotspot

Shaping the future, step by step.

My curiosity as a kid and interest in technology have now evolved into a capability to recognize opportunities that are waiting to be made reality. I think about and design big ideas that offer a different perspective on how things may be.

By pushing onward and using technology in ways it hasn’t been used before we can create value where there isn’t, change how we see the past and how the future will look.

Who knows where we will end up.

What people say about me

My work

Pivot: creating bridges in the connected home

Pivot is a handheld tool that lets you explore, discover and control the untapped potential of the relations between your smart devices.

Mood lighting that visualizes what’s on TV. Doors lock when you leave the milk out the fridge. You imagine it, you create it.

Pivot helps you explore what you can do with the smart devices in your home. Use Pivot’s compass-like interface to discover which devices you can use, and create presets you can experience almost instantly.

I focused my efforts on creating a clever, simplistic GUI with as few physical inputs as possible to create a clear, intuitive to use experience. Using digital and physical prototypes I eventually came to the Pivot you see here.

See Pivot's product page for more information!

Omni 2

Omni 2 is a system of personal, portable Wi-Fi hotspots that aims to change the way offices are used and built. It is a network that consists of portable access points that allow employees to work wherever they want, share their files with ease whilst generating data that will help make the office a better place to work in.

By making a clever combination of proven technologies, Omni 2 becomes a very powerful tool to change how we work and how our offices are made to support us.

Research: Project Ara

Project Ara proposes a smartphone that is very unfamiliar to today’s world. It made me wonder how it will be adopted and what users think of a modular smartphone. This research project looked at the adaptability and upgradeability of Project Ara and aimed to find what influences those factors have on e.g. longevity of use.

During the research project, a wooden mockup of the Ara smartphone was used to create a hands-on experience and aid the participant in envisioning the use of an actual modular smartphone.

Interactive Kitchen Luminaire

Kesseböhmer, a manufacturer of high quality kitchen storage solutions asked me to build a new kind of product for them. Their high quality manufacturing inspired me to build something entirely new for Kesseböhmer, yet make use of their expert manufacturing.

The result is an interactive lightbar that adapts to the different activities in the kitchen whilst saving energy by only illuminating the areas that are used.

Designer's Block: the designer's app

The application Designer’s Block integrates a helpful system into the lives of a designer supporting his or her design cycle. Before, designers would have to read a book, or an article on the internet to discover new tools to improve their designs.

Now, they just take out their phone, and with a few taps and flicks of their finger, they can discover new ways to enrich their design process. Fresh ideas can be shared through a personally composed social network for feedback and inspiration.

About me

Joost MF Liebregts Technology Designer

Designer by day... and night..

Joost, who is that?

I like to think of myself as a conceptual technology designer. A designer who discovers possibilities, sets foot on new terrain and disrupts the market with products that are the result of a design process of a skilled team with an expert mindset, infused by generative - and co-creation tools.

My specialty lies with finding and developing within areas that lead toward products that push innovation. A collection of my curiosity and interest in technology has evolved into a capability to recognize opportunities that are waiting to be made reality. By using prototypes and participatory design methods I test new ideas and pose questions that challenge the status quo.

Curriculum Vitae

During my time at Industrial Design I’ve done numerous side jobs that enabled me to grow in the areas of motivation, management and leadership. Combine that with my creative skills and you will find me a valuable member of your team.

Find my CV here